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We are always adding more peach trees, so our "Description of Varieties" page will change from year to year. As a general rule early season peaches are not as big and or as sweet as later peaches, but they are just as juicy.  Whether it's early or later peaches, we continually remove inferior peaches from our orchard and think the peaches that remain are among some of the best available.  These are some of the best.

  Our son Gabriel standing next to an Autumnstar peach tree (2010).

We currently have about 50 different peach varieties.  Here are some of the varieties we offer:
Spring Snow.  This is one of the earliest peaches we currently offer.  It is a peach bred by renown peach breeder Chris Floyd Zaiger (a stone fruit breeder known for producing highly flavorful varieties).  It's a very early clingstone white peach which is loaded with flavor.  I'm generally not a big fan of most white peaches, but this one is one of the few exceptions. This is my favorite white peach.  It's a bit small but packed with flavor.
Earlystar peach - This peach ripens about the same time as Spring Snow.  This is an excellent yellow peach developed by the late peach breeder Jim Friday.  Jim Friday was a well know peach breeder and cousin of Paul Friday.  Jim Friday selected the best 12 peach trees out of over 8000 seedlings and named his selections the "Stellar" series.  His peach trees can be recognized by the word "star" somewhere in the name.  Earlystar peach is red on the outside and also has some red in the meat.  It's a semi-clingstone, which means some years it is freestone and other years it's rather "clingy."  You'll notice a lot of our peaches are from the "Stellar" series because they are fantastic peaches.
Risingstar peach - Another of Jim Friday's selections, this yellow peach ripens a few days after Earlystar.  Last year one regular customer told me this was the best peach she'd ever had.  Very good early peach. Semi-clingstone.
Early Redhaven peach - This is also an early sport of Redhaven which ripens the same time as the Redhaven sport Garnet Beauty.  I've found this very slightly superior to the Garnet Beauty sport of Redhaven, but both Garnet Beauty and Early Redhaven are very similar in flavor to Redhaven, although a bit smaller. Semi-freestone.
Glenglo peach - This is my favorite early yellow peach.  The trees produce large consistently tasty fruit. It is a seedling from the famed Loring peach (Loring was introduced by the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station in 1946.)
PF9A-007 peach - This is another peach developed by Paul Friday.  Big beautiful fruit, which are delicious.  Freestone.
Saturn peach - A white fleshed donut peach with beautiful red skin color.  This is the sweetest white peach we grow.  Tastes like candy.
Redhaven peach - This peach is the most widely planted peach in the U.S.  It is considered the industry standard, and for good reason.  It was developed in 1940's by Dr. Stanley Johnston of Michigan State University.  It's delicious and produces some of the most beautiful peaches we grow.  A very lovely freestone peach that has stood the test of time.
TangOs peach - A donut or flat peach, this peach was developed by Rutgers University.  It has a beautiful yellow/orange skin.  It has a unique flavor that many people just love.  Rutgers named this peach TangOs, with a capital O, signifying the "O" shape of the donut peach.  Most people who have tried this peach can't get enough of them.  People this year were asking for this peach for another two weeks after the last one was picked.
Blazingstar peach - Another delicious yellow freestone variety from the Stellar series.  It's a smaller peach but is highly requested by customers.
Challenger peach - A peach developed by North Carolina State University.  This is one of those great yellow fleshed peaches packed with flavor.
PF Lucky13 peach - This is one of renowned peach breeder Paul Friday's peaches.  This is a very large yellow freestone peach.
Nice flavor.
Ernies Choice - A very high quality yellow peach.  Very intense flavor.
Tubby Dubby peach - This is an unknown peach that is my favorite, as well as my daughter Megan's favorite.  We nick-named this unknown peach Tubby Dubby.  We all love the flavor of this freestone yellow peach, but this peach is almost impossible to grow.  Very difficult to grow.  Nevertheless, the flavor is always spectacular.  I like this peach so much, in spite of the growing difficulties, I grafted several copies of this tree for my home orchard.
Harrow Beauty peach -  This is an excellent peach developed by the Harrow breeding station in Ontario Canada.  It's a beautiful yellow freestone peach with a bright red skin.
Carolina Gold - As the name suggests, this yellow freestone peach has a gold skin color with very little red.  It is a smaller peach with an exceptional flavor.
Redskin peach - At one time, this yellow peach used to be the second most widely planted peach (next to Redhaven).  A large freestone peach that has Elberta as one of its parents.  Similar to Elberta in flavor, but has redder color.
O'Henry peach - This is a late peach ripening around the first week in September.  Another peach that consistently scores high in California taste tests.  Yellow freestone.
Autumnstar peach - Large yellow freestone similar in flavor to O'Henry.
Victoria peach - This is the last peach of the season and it finishes the season very well.  A very light colored peach with lots of peach flavor.

All of our blackberries are thornless and ripen over a 3 to 4 week period in the middle of our peach season. 
We've tried numerous different blackberry varieties and removed all but three.  The three that our family has considered tops are:
Navaho thornless blackberry - This is an University of Arkansas release.  It's a medium sized berry and very sweet.  It has a very high sugar content.
Apache thornless blackberry - Another University of Arkansas release (All U. of Ark blackberry releases have American Indian names.)  This berry is also very sweet and is HUGE, a two bite berry!  The disadvantage to this berry is that it's hard to grow (Many of the berries have "white druplets" and are unsuitable for sale.)  Still, the ones that are harvestable are excellent berries.
Triple Crown thornless blackberry - This is my favorite berry.  A large sweet berry with a superb flavor!  However, life is full of trade-offs, give and take.  What this variety "gives" in flavor it takes away in winter hardiness.  Any winter below 0F will result in some winter kill of the canes.  Nevertheless, the flavor is exceptional.
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