Tubby Fruits Peach Orchard
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Our season starts with cherries ripening in June.  Our first peaches generally ripen toward the end of June or beginning of July.  Different varieties continue to ripen all throughout the summer, with the last varieties ripening toward the end of August or beginning of September.  These ripening times can vary substantially depending on how early or late our spring comes.  The blackberries generally ripen over a 3 to 4 week period during the middle of peach season.
For a current information on what is ripening daily, please check our Facebook page linked below.  We ask you please check it before driving out to the orchard, as sometimes we are sold out of fruit (Checking the Facebook page may save you a wasted trip if we are temporarily sold out of fruit.)  You DO NOT have to have a Facebook account to access our Facebook page.  Just click on the white "f" in the blue box below.  Or you can call the "Peach Line".  During peach season I try to record a message every morning, indicating the hours for the day (or if we are sold out for the day).
To see the different varieties of peaches and blackberries we offer throughout the season, please see our Description of Varieties.
Mark Angermayer
Owner Tubby Fruits